Thrustleader azimuth thruster products include different types. Different vessels need different azimuth thrusters to match. No matter deisel engines driving, ertical electric motors, horizontal electric motors, or hydraulic motors driving,or pods; No matter well mounted, or deck mountd; No matter single propeller, or contra-rotating propellers; No matter slewing bearing steering, or worm steering; No matter in harbor working or dynamic positioning conditions, Thrustleader can completely make a sepcial design according to your requirements. The power range is 50-2930KW.

Thrustleader tunnel thruster products include fixed pitch propeller contra-rotating propeller tunnel thruster, fixed pitch propeller single tunnel thruster, and controllable pitch propeller tunnel thruster, which now have been widely used in many kinds of vessels with different requirements such as PSV, marine engineering vessels, self-propelled barges, deck-barges, oil shiips, container vessels, fishing vessels and so on. The power range is 50-2930KW.

Thrustleader provides ship design and ship engineering solutions. For different ship needs and different operating areas, Thrustleader will help users to optimize about ship, equipment configuration, project management.