Thrustleader Marine Power “Escort”Marine Power Refitment

Recently, Thrustleader Marine Power System (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. get 8 sets of deck mounted azimuth thrusters orders for the Southeast Asian market 2 +2 Strait ferry ship in the just-concluded Indonesian maritime exhibition.

At the beginning of the year, Thrustleader also got 6 sets of deck mounted azimuth thruster orders with single power 2700HP for refitting barge with dynamic positioning. At present, single propeller power of this project is the largest in China, and few in international, because the technology is difficult and the requirements are strict. The company combined with R & D results in the high-power section of the deck mounted azimuth thruster in the past three years, and organizational technology continue to break through to create a number of domestic first with product-related technology. At present, the project is progressing smoothly and is expected to be delivered at the end of this year.

Since 2010, deck mounted azimuth thruster of Thrustleader Marine Power System (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. have been sold to China and Southeast Asia such as Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand etc. Thrustleader provided 4 sets of deck mounted azimuth thrusters including 2 sets of single power 441kW and 2 sets of single power 1176kW with refitting dynamic of floating carriers for Singapore Keppel Shipyard. And Thrustleader is the only one propeller manufacturer with domestic azimuth thruster in Singapore Keppel Shipyard.

Over the years ,we have provided users with different types of deck mounted azimuth thrusters more than 60 sets. With ship application of deck mounted azimuth thruster, the product quality has been constantly tested and received the user's approval. It is a symbol of this technology from innovation to maturity. Thrustleader can provide spacious users with solutions and technical services in the powerless barge power installation, floating crane power installation and refitting dynamic position to shorten schedule and reduce costs.