Shafting and Accessories
Shafting and Accessories
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The main propulsion shafting and accessories contains fixed pitch propeller shafting and controllable pitch shafting. The controllabel pitch propeller is made by a special mechanical mechanism in the propeller hub, so that the propeller can turn to adjust the pitch. In the case of the ship with the this system, ahead and astern running, acceleration and deceleration of the ship can be realized by using the adjusting mechanism without changing the steering and speed.
Thrustleader provides fixed pitch propeller shaft system, controllable pitch propeller shaft system and related shafting accessories products, welcome to inquire customized.
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Shafting of Controllable Pitch Propeller
Model Propeller Hub Diameter(mm) Propeller Diameter(mm)
TLCP35 350 1100-1380
TLCP42 420 1300-1650
TLCP46 460 1500-1800
TLCP50 500 1650-1950
TLCP55 550 1850-2160
TLCP62 620 2050-2450
TLCP70 700 2300-2750
TLCP75 750 2600-2950
TLCP85 850 2800-3350
TLCP92 920 3000-3500
TLCP98 980 3200-3750
TLCP102 1020 3400-3920
TLCP110 1100 3650-4220

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