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Technological Innovation of Domestic Tunnel Thruster
2020-08-05 15:42
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The contra-rotating tunnel thruster is in China exclusive research and development, developed by Thrustleader Marine Power System (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Joining with well-known European marine propeller brand. We started the prototype testing in 2013, then it officially launched in 2014 and delivered to ship application at the beginning of 2014. At present, the contra-rotating tunnel thruster has been delivered over 100 sets, widely used in ocean fishing boats, engineering ships, wind power installation ships, oil barges, container ships, floating crane etc. In the past year, through trial trip and ship application of contra-rotating tunnel thruster, product performance and quality received a high recognition and praise from the majority of users. The success of ship application with contra-rotating tunnel thruster is a symbol of innovation of domestic tunnel thruster technology.

Contra-rotating propeller technology is applied to tunnel thruster. It realized that propeller diameter is smallest at same power product, and the thrust is largest at same diameter and the thrust is almost same wherever the thrust from lift or right. This innovative technology provides a bran-new product series for choice of tunnel thruster in ship design. It is especially suitable for ocean engineering vessel what have high power bow and stern tunnel thrusters with DP requirements.

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